About Nerd

I’m an engineer but I’m not a typical engineer.  I LOVE to make things easy and make processes more efficient.  LOVE it!  I would rather work with people to improve something than sit in front of  a computer and crunch data.  At the same time I am very good at crunching data.  I am good with spreadsheets and I make spreadsheets, I perfect them and I leave them alone.  I like to struggle only once and make things very easy in the future.  Hard work now pays off in the long run in my opinion.
So… Super Nerd took control of the finances when we joined hands, exchanged rings, and combined bank accounts three years ago.  It was something he could control.  He moved back to the States after a work assignment in England, he moved into my apartment with my stuff and my system of organization.  I really don’t blame him that he wanted to “rule” over something.

He managed them by himself, he understood it all and I couldn’t keep up with his system.  When I discovered that if we made a budget together that we could win with money… I took off and ran with it.  I have made a crazy mess of a master piece (its more abstract art than a refined Victorian art piece the moment).  I added all sorts of functionality to it and I am working to simplify it to make it practical and easy to use.  At the moment we are both tracking expenses and are double handling items but we are both understanding and able to keep on track so we will maintain one of them in the future it will just take time. Efficient processes only come from solid foundations and building our financial relationship is better than picking which version “wins” at the moment.

Through the process of creating the Excel sheet I realized that I am not only a Free Spirit (whatever you want to do honey) but I’m also a Nerd (I want to tell money where to go too!).  Then I happily told my husband that we are both Nerds!   To which he started talking about our mutual funds and stock market and points and Dow and …. well … the Nerd in me flew out the window and my eyes glazed over. I woke up from my daze and said “if I’m a Nerd then you are a Super Nerd”.  And I thought it was the cutest idea I’ve ever had and surprisingly he didn’t roll his eyes, so it stuck and here we are!
I admit my Nerd-i-ness is because of my ability to whip out Excel files that fit a need, but I will not be able to achieve the level of nerd that Super Nerd has inside of him.  It really IS fun having someone that is nerdier than I am, because crunching all the numbers from the Bank Accounts, Mutual Funds, blah, blah, blah (eyes glazing over again) would overwhelm me and I know I couldn’t do it alone.  I’m ok with understanding that stuff but I’m not excited to pour over the data and get excited about it… that’s what Super Nerd can do.

I hope that all of you Free Spirits have a Nerd to help you.  If you don’t then make sure you find one who can help you (I would highly recommend Dave Ramsey’s ELP’s).

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