Hey there! Welcome to Nerd and Super Nerd a place for stories, pictures, and adventures to inspire you to find the spark in everyday life.

My name is Laura Gutknecht and I will be the writer, photographer, and cruise director of Nerd and Super Nerd. *smiles and waves hello*

Before you start wondering who Nerd and Super Nerd are let me tell you a short story… In 2010 when my husband Dave and I began paying off our student loans we made our first budget. It was a slow day at work so I made the budget and printed it out. After dinner, Dave and I sat down and looked over the plan I made and with a smirk on his face he declared me a Nerd!

We discussed how we would pay more attention to our income and after awhile Dave started talking about investments and interest payments – my eyes glazed over. I shook my head (trying to clear the fuzziness numbers can cause) and declared that if I’m a Nerd then he must be a SUPER Nerd! We had a laugh and THAT is how Nerd and Super Nerd came into being!

So Dave, the nerdier of us, is the one who I adventure through life with. We met in engineering school and this year we celebrated 10 years of marriage! He supports this website by editing and giving input for each of the stories, he steps in with tech issues just before I injure my computer, and tells me my pictures are awesome. He may not be writing the stories, but he lived them with me and helped me reminisce so I could tell you so he is almost always here in spirit.

Nerds and Budgets…

The rest of the story about Nerd and Super Nerd is this…In 2010, we started Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University with the hopes of paying off over $100,000 in student loan and second mortgage debt.

Spoiler Alert! We paid it all off!

A few months into our journey, I started this website, Adventures of Nerd and Super Nerd.

The original post can be found here.

I had hoped to share ways we saved money, to talk about things we made ourselves, and to inspire others on their journey to being smart with money.

After a few months, I stopped writing because to be honest paying off debt was SO ORDINARY and I didn’t feel like I had anything unique to add to the conversation. When my engineering career had me traveling most weeks during the year I let this website go quiet.

Years later I have learned to embrace the ordinary and I my passion for sharing stories with everyday people hasn’t changed.

Welcome to Nerd and Super Nerd 2017 Edition!

Nerd and Super Nerd is a place where I get to share our triumphs, our adventures, and our true-life moments, even the not-so-pretty ones. I want to be honest in a way that is upbeat and thought-provoking without falling down the rabbit hole that failure seems to bring. It is where you can come to hear stories, to get inspired to seek out adventure wherever you are in life and to find a positive place to land when you need a time-out in everyday life.

Nerd and Super Nerd is first and foremost a place for you to escape and enjoy reading our adventures.

We have plans to share our far away adventures as well as adventures from our own backyard— which could include a house project or two, we might showcase our laundry mountain or the nose printed sliding glass doors our black lab and two tabby cats use when watching the “Nature Channel” aka outside where the chipmunks, birds, and squirrels roam.

Nerd and Super Nerd is also a place where you can hear what we honestly think as we share the good, the bad, and the downright funny as it relates to life, travel, and being human. You will get a behind the scenes look at how we choose our travels, where we find great travel information, and when taking a great picture is most important for us. You’ll get a peek into our blooper moments and will get an honest take on what works for us and what doesn’t… it could be a product we love, an app we use, OR it could be a life perspective that made us more enjoyable people to journey with.

This is a place for YOU to enjoy great photographs, to get lost in stories of two Nerds, and to be inspired to seize adventures in your own life!

I hope you’ll enjoy Nerd and Super Nerd!

Much love and appreciation,
Laura Gutknecht (Your Nerd for the Journey Ahead)