I’ve tried couponing a few times before and my perfectionism sabotaged me A LOT…that’s not the right way to sort the coupons, You’re not doing it the way so-and-so said…accordion files/baseball file folders are the ONLY way to do it…Everyone else gets it,why can’t you…

I seemed to sort coupons and then not find them until it was after their expiration date. I wasn’t consistent which meant lots of expired coupons and lots of frustration and made me even more discouraged.
This time I ventured into couponing cautiously and very skeptically. I knew in order to reduce our grocery spending I would need to spend less on things I use every day.
I spent a few weekends in “couponing class”… it involved lots of searches online but it was like learning in a college class, many instructors, about a hundred internet windows open and very little time for even my husband, who didn’t seem to mind since he watched football ALL weekend with little interruption.
What did the classes teach me?

1. Do what works for you.

There is not ONE right answer… I promise! Look for a future post on this.

2. Start where you’re comfortable

I follow Bargains to Bounty for local stores like Kroger and Meijer and Money Saving Madness for drug stores.
I like doing 12 things at the same time… I don’t like being told to do 1 store with 1 website, but when push comes to shove I will only follow these two sites. Their formats make it easy to plan my shopping trips, even with only 20 minutes of focused time.
3. Figure out what you really need
There are TONS of deals out there but I don’t go out and buy things I don’t need or won’t use.
Have I bought more items than I can use in 1 month? Yep! Do I have a whole closet full of Kleenex? Yep! Does Super Nerd have enough soap to last him a few years… as long as he doesn’t get too dirty… *smiles*
Bottom line is buy only what you will use and not in such excess that it counts as hoarding. When it gets to that point we’ve donated toiletries and pantry food.
4. Have fun with it
Saving money is fun, even starting out small. It really IS like a game where you can win, but don’t let it consume your life week in and week out.
When you get done shopping where you’ve only bought what was needed and you’ve saved a large percentage… you deserve that big smile on your face.
Do me a favor… tell someone about it.
Show them your huge receipt with all those coupons on it or the store sales you
rocked. If you don’t have someone to brag to then come back here and shoot me
an email. I’ll jump up and down with you and do a little dance too!
My little dances are very entertaining… hubbie, sister, dad, store manager, greeter
dude… they’ve all witnessed my silliness.
If it’s not fun then don’t do it!
Sure it can change your life if you can save money but don’t let it suck the life out
of you in the process. If you need help then ask! You can start with me to bounce
ideas off of… I’m here for you and I’ll do my best not to let you down. By the
way my little dances get bigger when I get to help awesome people like you.

~ Nerd (Laura) ~

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