House Value

Yesterday the “Notice of Assessment, Taxable Valuation and Property Classification” came in the mail.

Because Super Nerd and I carpooled to work yesterday he was witness to the momentus unveiling of the 2011 house value number.

We lost over $5600 in house value since last year.

To which I offered a high five going YESSS less in property taxes for another year!

I mean c’mon… we live in a great area, we are meeting cool neighbors, we plan to be in the house til forever… so heck yeah I’m glad the value is down so we’re paying a little less this year!

Ohh.. that means my city won’t get as much in taxes this year and with Michigan needing to reduce budgets… That means the extra money we saved should go to a local cause that would help benefit more people… I’m thinking library donation this year.  I like it!  I’m so brilliant when I’m not fully awake and I’ve only talked to animal life forms.

Alright as I go and ponder my brilliance I need to get ready for work!  Thanks for stopping by!

~ Nerd (Laura) ~

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