Our trip home was mostly uneventful too. We stayed with extended family in Aurora, IL which meant we could leave early on Monday without needing to attempt driving through the night on Sunday.

We stopped for lunch just inside the Indiana border in Dyer at a great BBQ place called Doc’s Smokehouse, it was fantastic!!! The berry, peach, raspberry, and strawberry hard ciders on my flight of beverages were great too. Perks of being the passenger!

I wanted to put my feet in Lake Michigan on this trip home so chose to stop in Michigan City, IN to see the lighthouse and it was beautiful!

The location itself was a juxtaposition with the nuclear plant and industry on one side and the dunes and the lake on the other side.

It was very cool to be able to look across the lake and see Gary, IN (20-30 miles away as the crow flies) and Chicago, IL (40 miles as the crow flies) from the lighthouse.

We were able to enjoy some time walking in the cool waters and feeling the sand between our toes knowing full well we had to put our shoes back on to protect our feet for the journey home. (hot floors in the car)

We also saw a storm crossing Lake Michigan and luckily we had just enough time to wipe off our feet and hop in the car before heading out, but not before enjoying the beauty of the dark clouds, the rain from a distance, and the awe-worthy lightening from across the lake.

Instead of taking the long back roads we chose to drive home on I-94, especially with the storm which was getting bigger and redder on the radar.

The first part of I-94 between Indiana and Michigan is north-south so we didn’t feel like we were making any progress on the storm. When I-94 finally flattened as eastbound we were able to get some good distance behind us and we made it home well before dark. We also found a new route that I’m sure we will take on other road trips this year!
The storm was beautiful to watch… the shape of the clouds as well as the dark and light was amazing to see as we traveled on. It was in this moment that my friend’s prayer of “Praying that you see God everywhere you go. Be on the lookout for Him. He loves you.” This was definitely one of those moments where we could safely watch a storm and we could see the beauty of nature’s power.

On this trip home, we made many choices… we chose to stay longer than intended visiting with extended family. We chose to enjoy our trip home and stop for lunch instead of grabbing something quick. We chose to enjoy Lake Michigan and when the storm came we chose to take the direct route home. We chose our adventure AND we chose to accept that not everything worked out to plan, resulting in an enjoyable and less stressful trip together.

On future road trips, I hope we can adventure off the interstate more often and I hope we can appreciate the time together because it was SO much more enjoyable when we rolled with the journey instead of trying to keep everything predictable.

I’m off seeking my next adventure… what about you?