The last few weeks have been really great weeks… so why haven’t you heard about them?
Well first of all my allergies took over and then led to a cold so my available time to function like a regular human being was much less.  Looking back today I’ve realized that I was prioritizing my life without thinking about it.
* Groceries were not only purchased but there were great deals to go with them.
* The dog was fed and walked along with some extra trips outside the neighborhood.  We found ways to visit family with these extra adventures.
* We spent time with family, which required us to travel.
* We went to a charity event and gave.  We were a sponsor of the event, we participated in raffles, and we gave of ourselves, we were open with people we met and we thanked our friends for coming and supporting the event with us.
* We discussed budgets, spending and how to reduce spending to improve our debt payoff dates.
* I stopped blogging, missed book club, missed a new member meeting for a local women’s group, went home early to get rest and stopped worrying about it.  I’m supporting my family and my family is most important… and I showed it.  I was practicing my values.
Pretty sweet huh?
I think that growing up is much more than growing older.  It’s about finding what matters most to you and making it a habit.  Being there for family.  Supporting charities. Communicating about budgets, grocery shopping and life in general.  It’s also about being responsible.  It wasn’t in my best interests to go to meetings because… honestly I didn’t have the energy.  At first I was a little upset but I was too tired to worry about what other people thought.  I wasn’t lying or faking it… I just gave my notice and I headed to bed.
Life goes on with or without me.  I can only do my best for that moment in time.  It doesn’t mean that I will always neglect my blog or my book club neighbors forever… it just means that sometimes I need to look out for me, myself and I.
I wish that I could have this foresight and not worry all the time.  Too bad it takes getting sick to realize that I’m not Super Woman and I shouldn’t be upset when I aim high and don’t make it… at least I tried my best and I should be happy with myself for that.
I hope that you’re able to find what’s important to you today.
~ Nerd (Laura) ~

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